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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

I am rejiggering my server this week and deleting all old files, sites, and databases that I don't use any more. Exciting. For reasons unknown, this site is not rendering. So hopefully this update will show up.

- posted by Ms. Jen on 05.04.22 in the Northern Hemisphere waiting for chilly weather, which will be months away.

Saturday, September 28, 2019

In yesterday's Clearleft TinyLetter, Jeremy Keith talks of deep time with examples from the Long Now Foundation and links to two fantastic articles that could generate any number of what ifs:

Both articles are worth the read.

- posted by Ms. Jen on 09.27.19 in the Northern Hemisphere waiting for chilly weather.

Friday, September 27, 2019

9:22am - File under very exciting: As a part of my attempts to redesign Black Phoebe, I am testing out Kirby, a flat-file CMS system. And for the first time in years, learning a new system in tech/webdev is exciting.

- posted by Ms. Jen on 09.27.19 on the only planet we have - Earth, a beautiful blue pearl dancing through space.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

2:00pm - Could Speaker Pelosi give us a good reason to sing the Hallelujah Chorus today? I sincerely hope so, as it is time to impeach P45 the traitor.

9:32am - Video of Greta Thunberg's speech at the UN General Assembly.

In the good news section, the UK's Supreme Court declared Boris Johnson's prorogue trick unlawful. This is good.

Don't trust any man who calls his wife "Mother". It is a gross public performance of his alleged control over her. In my circle of acquaintance, I know two men who do this and both are serial cheaters. Not philanders of the open marriage type but "good" Christian men that the small town talks shit on for his being a rat bastard kind of way. If you hear a man refer to his wife as "Mother", publicly ask him what he is hiding.

- posted by Ms. Jen on 09.24.19 on the only planet we have - Earth

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

A new era has started. I am JuiceSSHing this post from my new phone.

- posted by Ms. Jen on 08.28.18 in Mammoth Lakes, California

Saturday, August 25, 2018

1:07pm - Here have a link to the best essay I have read this week on life, death, and nature as well as place: An Ocean and an Instant by James Bradley in the Sydney Review of Books' New Nature series of essays.

12:48pm - Actually, my tech geek cred started seriously slipping in 2014 and 2015 when I went deep into JAFF nerd world. It was refreshing to immerse myself in an internet world wherein 85% of the humans were female and the geeking out was over women's worlds from 200 years ago. Also, by 2013, Javascript - of whom I have always had an ambivalent relationship with - ruled the web dev roost and I found the whole thing tiresome. That is why it is Very Refreshing to hand code this site in good, plain html and css.

12:24pm - I have decided that rather than having one big long log on the home page, that I should organize it into articles by date that can then be made into an archive if I keep making little log notes here. For those of you who may have tripped on this space, when I am at my computer, I am using TextMate to write/code this page and Transit to SFTP it to my server. On my Tablet, last night I used JuiceSSH and edited the document directly in SSH. No, I did not use Vi. So Sorry, my geek cred is slipping...

- posted by Ms. Jen on 08.25.18 in Mammoth Lakes, California

Friday, August 24, 2018

9:04pm - In other non-tech news, I am one scene away from finishing Chapter 6 of Lord Lindon Stirs the Pot. I have 9 chapters outlined and hope to finish before the end of September. Hope. Key word.

8:20pm - Can I edit this page via ssh from my tablet? Hopefully the answer is yes. And after a browser check, the answer is YES!!!

6:32pm - This is the fourth or fifth reboot of the A Room of Her Own website since I reserved the domain back in 2001 or thereabouts. For now it will be handcoded for my own pleasure. I may or may not add a feed.

6:04pm - The background image in the top of the page is working nicely.

3:56pm - The SSL cert is working for the site, again. Renewal is a good thing.

1:18pm - The Custom DNS, it is working. Yay!

- posted by Ms. Jen on 08.24.18 in Mammoth Lakes, California